Tow vehicles often have more frequent maintenance requirements than a regular vehicle. These include changes of engine and transmission oils and filters, lubrication of components, and cooling system checks. Here are some maintenance suggestions:


Occasional inspection and maintenance of tires and wheels are very important to towing safety. The availability of spare tires should also be on the maintenance checklist. Having the proper tire pressure affects vehicle handling and tire safety. Under-inflation reduces the load-carrying capacity of the tow vehicle, may cause sway and control problems and may result in overheating, causing blowouts or other tire failure. Over-inflation causes premature tire wear and affects the handling characteristics of the tow vehicle.


Have the brakes inspected on a regular basis. Make sure that necessary adjustments are made and that any damaged or worn parts are replaced.


This connection point requires periodic lubrication to allow free movement of the coupler to the hitch ball. Make sure that the hitch remains secured to the tow vehicle. Check also the nuts, bolts and other fastener.